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  • What is the difference between 530 and 630 chain?

  • We get this one a lot. The size convention for chain is set in a system of 1/8ths. The first number indicates the pitch of the chain (the distance between the centerline of the pins, link to link) a "5" indicates a 5/8ths of an inch pitch, where a "6" indicates a 6/8ths of an inch pitch (3/4"). The second two numbers indicate the width of the rollers (Between the inside edges of the INSIDE side plates of the chain) a "30" in this case, indicates a 3/8" roller width. 

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  • Generally, if you compare a 530 chain to an equivalent rated 630 chain, you will find that the heavier pins and rollers afforded by the longer pitch will result in a stronger chain construction, and higher tensile strength. In a fixed length of chain, the 630 chain will have fewer pitches, many times resulting in less "set" or "stretch" as the chain wears. The sprockets for a 630 pitch have a matching 3/4" pitch, making the teeth larger, deeper, and stronger at the base of the tooth.

  • Contrary to popular belief, 530 and 630 chains are the same overall width. A 530 or 630 O-Ring chain will measure approximately 1.070" across the rivets outside to outside. (The master link will be wider by approximately .065")

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